Warehouse Resevoir for use with Tower Christmas Tree Watering Tank


The model of the C&NW tower intended to hold water for siphoning into the Chistmas tree holder did not hold enough water. A freshly cut 7-foot tree used much more water than a tree-lot tree, so the tower required constant refilling. To solve the problem, a warehouse model was constructed that holds about three-fourths of a gallon of water. Together, the tower and the warehouse water volume is now about 1.5 gallons and will easily last 2 days.

Warehouse Front View

Warehouse Rear View


The warehouse shell is a simple box with printed paper warehouse walls glued on the sides. A color laser printer was used and both sides of the paper were spray painted with Krylon Clear finish. To prevent the paper from wrinkling when glued to the sides, the printed side was sprayed lightly, dried with a hair dryer, and then sprayed and dried again. The blank side of the paper was sprayed to cover the paper normally, dried, and then sprayed and dried again.

To attach the printed paper, Elmer's Glue-All was used.

Apply enough elmers glue all to the wood sides to cover the side and fill pores. Use just enough glue to have it wet after you spread it evenly. Place the paper on the wet glue and smooth out the printed sheet. Use your fingers to squeegee from one side to the other to squeeze out as much glue as possible. Next, use a roller from the center of the paper to one side, then from the center to the other side. Use a paper towel to remove any glue squeezed out that might get on the printed paper.

The roof is just a rectangle of wood painted black to simulate tar and gravel. Two wood pins that slip into slots on the shell walls hold the roof in alignment.

Roof Alignment Slot

Water Tank

The water tank was made from two, one-gallon milk jugs. Covid-test vials were used for connection between the jugs and for the hose connections.

Tank Stand

Tank Connections

Tank In Place

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