Aiden Dale Thompson

February 2014

Green is 25.
Pekoe is 5.

Making a good cup
of tea is art.

Aiden's tea is superb.

March 2014

Why do I like the
coffee shop you ask?

Isa and Sofie have
a great back yard.

April 2014

Watch me ...

transform ...

into a ...


My train layout solo.

Truck's in working order..

Let's move this engine out.

Guess what?

It is Easter.

I am better at finding
eggs this year.

Catch me if I drop off,

A little help is

We are getting ready for the Pinata.

This ought to break it.

Who moved that egg?

Even Kaiden missed.

Dad, stop moving it!

Forget the major leagues.
Lets try basketball.

May 2014

This is the greatest

Good form.

Too much weight.

The garden at the
AACMC Resteraunt.

We finished our

The great ...

Ninja Fireman gets

ready to battle ...

the raging fire.

Victorious again.

July 2014

After my 5-Guys burger

I'm off again.

On a water taxi...

to Fort McHenry.

Yes. I'd like ice cream
when we get back.

Okay, taxi is here,
got to go.

I'm too tired to eat it.

Does this look like a
birthday party?

It is!

Mom and Dad
did it for me.

Check out this cupcake.

Light it up Mom.

If I eat it I'll ruin it.

Yes, good decision.

Grandma Sandy and Aunt Angie liked them.

Everybody did.

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