Aiden Dale Thompson

August 2013

Clarks Farm.

What does it do?


The boat doesn't go?

We just look at it?

This is more like it.

Look out over there!

This slide is ...

a little strange.

Cookies are best part!

September 2013

We're going on
an adventure?

Kayaking at Daniels.

Take a break Grandpa.

It's so peaceful.

That's a great skimmer!

I'll send it to the falls.

October 2013

Well we made it to FL.

Flowers in my ear. Really?

I am ready for some

What problem?

Why are you laughing?

OK it's a bad hair day?

Is this better?

November 2013

Isa had her ...

birthday party at ...

Sky Zone.


I got some good

Everybody did.

I don't bounce on
my head Dad.

Grandma is a good
bouncer too.

December 2013

Christmas card photo?

They are in the
passing track ...

waiting for me to pass.

When I can get there on Wednesdays, ...

I like my tea time at GrandpaGrandma's

January 2013

Grandma. January blows.

Thats why you need
this coat.

A walk in Broad Creek
Park woods is so beautiful,
but ...

you need a heavy coat.

What can beat a hot drink
after a cold walk?

February 2014

Mornings are for relaxing.

Sit, think, and ...

read the Poop book.

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