Aiden Dale Thompson

March 2013

But I can't type!

Grandma insists I can.

Heh, this is easy.

I've got to be brave...

and leave the edge.

Just watch the boat.

I did it!

I'm ready for the
big pool now.

Let me go Grandma.

A typical Wednesday...

with Grandma and ...

Grandpa is very...

active , but...

might end with a book.

April 2013

I often do...

the driving.

Today I am just...

kicking back and...

smelling the roses.

May 2013

I have company today.

They are taking me...

to the tot lot...

to play on the slide.

Dad. Let Kyle try it.

Yes! Now we're talking!.

This really exciting.

But a ride with Isa...

is hard to top.

Sofie had a birthday party.

We decorated our cupcakes.

Dad had to help
me a little.

I took care of
eating it by myself.

Parties are always
too short.

June 2013

This is Jonas Green Park.

It is under the
Naval Academy bridge.

Some boats are
over there.

The rock throwing area
is this way.

Come on! I haven't
got all day!

Was I too bossy?

Sorry about that.

July 2013

Building With Intensity

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