Aiden Dale Thompson

August 2012

It is beach time

But I like the pool better

Oh! Cold

Maybe I do like the beach

Get me out of here!

I'm getting used to the water.

And this is kind of peaceful.

Is this safe?

Kind of slippery.

Whoa! Here I go.

Mom, its tickling my toes.

GrandpaGrandma The beach is fun!

When you learn to walk...

and are really good at it...

you just can't stop.

Its addictive.

I get outside...

and my feet...

start moving.

I love it!

What have I been doing?

A little indoor soccer.

A little indoor-

Oh, where is that ball?

I just had it. Oh well.

Since this wheel
seems loose, ...

I think I'll go for a walk.

September 2012

Personal appearance is
my goal this month.

Clean teeth.
Mine dad, not yours.

Always dress for the occassion.

Proper posture.

Get advice from a stylish

And always mind your
table manners.

I had ...

this really fun...

day at the ...

park in Annapolis.

Isa and Sofie...

played with me.

It was like..

a maze (they said).

I ran very...

fast, and ...

they couldn't...

catch me.

October 2012

Grandma, what is this?


But they are brown.

Fun to play in?

They tickle my legs.

I don't think I like them.

Whew, I'm out.

Sandy Point
State Park...

looks like a beach.

Help I am sinking.

That was a close call.

Wednesdays are
fun days.

November 2012

I can't smile with my
mouth full Sofie

All clear above.

Easing away from dock.

Let's head out to sea.

What could be more fun...

than eating out with...

Grandpa and Dad?

Watch this.

I can blow bubbles.

Here I go.

Mom will love this.

Enjoy your cofee Dad.
I'm going to climb Mount Tradewinds.

December 2012

Grandpa couldn't...

decide which of ...

these was best.

This is my Isa.

She protects me.

January 2013

Grandpa and I are
playing with ...

the dirty pigs
in the big tub.

I'll soon be filling
Grandpa's shoes.

Too much snow to play.
Not enough to sled.

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