Aiden Dale Thompson

May 2012

If I'm going to walk,

I'll need to do leg lifts.

Hey! These taste good..

I just hate crawling.

Feed me Mom.

So I can get strong
and walk.

Deer in a headlamp?.

Hello! Hey guys!
My belly is showing.

Do you really think
it tastes good?.

Sunscreen is on.
I am ready.

Is the pool cool,
or what?.

June 2012

What do you do,

with only two adults?

Three generations.
Three happy guys.

Wow! What a picture.

We just went for a
quick dip in the pool..

I've just about mastered
this walking thing..

July 2012

Crossfit will bulk you up.

So you too can walk
before you are one..

Since you seem to like it,
I'll give it a try.

Sweet, cold, milk.

Yep. I think I like it.

I've been practicing
at the mall.

Can I drive home?

Welcome to my
birthday party.

We had a big crowd.

The big kids liked the sponge pit.

Isa wore herself out.

Then took a break with Kyle.

Sofi never quits.

She loves excitement.

The parents just watched,
and prayed.

Dad and Mom were very happy.

The party room was ready.

A and 1 sponsored the party.

It was time to go in.

So we had our group photo.

Whoa! Chaos.

Uh, Aunt Karen, I think that
bite is a little too big for me.

That's it, very small bites.

I love these blueberries.

They sing happy Birthday
better on Sesame Street.

Thompson boys
went out for a stroll.

Look Ma!
No hands

Got no strings
to hold me down.

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