Aiden Dale Thompson

November 2011

Ain't life grand?.

I hang with Dad
on Thursday.

GMa T and Knuckles on Wednesday and Friday.

And Grandpa some days.

I've learned...

that they all love it...

when I make noises...

and smile.

My friend Mali takes great
pictures of me.

People like to dress me up.

What do you think?

Sophisticated Santa?

How about now?

This is going too far!

My buddy Knuckles and I are
getting ready for Christmas.

This suit is hot.

What would you like...

for Christmas?

Ho Ho Ho

Mom and Dad are taking me
to see The Man himself.

This is The Real Santa?

I don't think so.

Hey! I'm in Indiana.

Wow! What a pretty box.

And there is a toy inside.

Another one.

And another toy.

There seems to be no end.

My first Christmas was great.

I sure like being
home though.

Remembering my trip.

And the family I met.

Okay Mom.
I've recovered.

What's next?

A trip to see Grandma?

Oh! Great Grandma!

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