Aiden Dale Thompson

August 2011

My job is to sleep.

And as you will see,

I take it...

very seriously

I can sleep anywhere.

But bundled is best.

Sometimes I get help.

Little to the left Grandma.

I like to sleep on my stomach.

I like to sleep on my back.

I'm very flexible
about where I sleep.

Yes, I know.
I have big feet.

Okay I'll wake up.

Its time to explore my world.

Mom keeps changing
my clothes.

I prefer the casual look.

Does she think I am
a model?

Preppy look.

Sports fan.

Party man.

Who says I never smile?

Check this out.

See, I can smile.

I can also swing a
mean left hook.

I'm changing daily.

Dad loves it.

The bib says it all

But it is exhausting.

Maybe I should ...

cut back on the lifting.

Just do rope climbs today.

Yes, it is halloween.

Mom says I am the
Little Green Giant.

I'm confused.
I thought I was her
Little Pumpkin.

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