Lima Bear Thompson - Code Name Pistachio

February 2011

We are going to have a

What will she look like?

No! It's has to be a Boy!

Well, we better get some
presents ready for him.

No! Her!

Hi all. It's me!

I am very comfortable in here, but I've been told I have to vacate
the premises by August the 12th at midnight.

My Great-Aunt Debbie was hoping I could get a lease extention
until the 15th, but the doctors want me out by the 13th

Mom and Pop have been calling me Lima Bear because my
sonogram looked either like a lima bean or a gummy bear.

I had another sonogram today and now they are calling me
Aiden Dale Thompson.

I guess it was something the doctor saw that made him say
there was a 90% chance of something
(sounds are very muffled in here).

See you soon.

Copyright Dale Thompson,
4 February 2011 through
last revision on 3 March 2011.