Aiden Dale Thompson

I have arrived.

July 2011

Mom at 4pm.

Mom at 1am.

Put me back Mom.

There is so much light..

I am freezing.

I'm scared.

Can I hold your hand?


How about a little privacy?.

Oh, I like this.

It so comfy.

I can feel the love.

So this is the Gang of Three.

I'm going to like this lady.

More admirers.

I must be popular.

This guy really likes me!

This kid wants me to play.

Are you ready to go?

Yes I'm looking at you Kadon.

Oh great. More handling.

Wrap me up.

I don't want to be free.

I need a blanket.

Yes, that is better

Thats it, tell him nurse.

Protect my head.

You got it Dad.

Hey! It's my day.

So now

we are a family

of three. Hooray!

Man, that feels good.

Mom has got the touch..

Grandma has it too.

I think I have her hooked..

Well this is relaxing.

Mom and Dad are happy.

I'm not scared anymore.

Things look bright.

All is well in Annapolis.

I think it is

just about time

to nap..

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