Miscellaneous Mustang Projects


There is not enough information on these projects to warrant a separate page. So, if you want more information, contact me.

Top hat replacement for the rusted out cowl

I cut out the metal tophats in the 65 Mustang cowl and replaced them with ones I made from fiberglass. The photo below is a three-piece, corrugated-board mold I built to make the tophats.

Assembled tophat mold Tophat mold pieces Mold assembly order
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Retractable shoulder seat belts

The 65 Mustang needed shoulder belts before I could let my 16 Year old son behind the wheel. I installed a set of shoulder belts from a 1991 Aerostar van. The retractor mechanism is mounted on a bracket bolted to the standard lap belt plate. The shoulder belt is attached to a plate fished inside the roof side support.
Seat belt retractor Seat belt retractor Seat belt retractor Seat belt retractor
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