Isobel Amada Sanchez

May 2008

It's been a big summer, starting with my new little sister.

Then Timmy's birthday party.

With a cool slide.
I mean cold slide!

That's Timmy on the left.

Timmy lives next door to Grandma.

We play in the treehouse sometimes.

And make scarry faces.

The beach has become
a tradition.

Grandpa and I started a castle.

Then Grandma helped me.

Even Sofi got in the act.

The waves were really awsome.

I made new friends.

Yipes! Here comes a big one!

A day at the beach is exhausting.

Now this is a little calmer.

Grandma and I love the pool.

Grandpa is not as enthusiastic.

Grandpa, the water is warm
(Grandma told me to say that)

I think I have just about got it.

Oh no. The pool is going to close.

I did a lot of things this summer.

Like singing at Grandma's village center.

And going to Washington for 4th of July. (Buckle up kids.)

Sophi and I took our new stroller.

Sofi played with Grandma.

And I played with Grandpa.

Sofi and I crash some days at Camp Nana (Grandma's house).

I spent a weekend at Camp Nana and had a carpet picnic.

After breakfast I chased bubbles.

Wow! There are alot of them.

Have you ever tried to eat one?

Grandpa made a lot of them.

And I tried my best to eat them.

I think I got one here.

Oh boy!
Here they come.

I got it!

Good job Grandpa.

I'm going to try it now.

No problem.

So if you want to eat some bubbles I'll blow them for you.

Expect to work at Camp Nana.

There are a lot of dishes to be washed.

They have to be done just right,

and dried carefully.

The silverware has to be cleaned,

and carefully sorted too.

That's it for now. Grandpa says he is working on Sofi's webpage so check back for it soon.

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: August 27, 2008