Isobel Amada Sanchez

December, 2009

I so wanted these
boots for Christmas.

Playing in the tub is part
of a good sleepover

Now Sofi is right there too.

We love popcorn
and a movie.

GGB wanted to play Ele-Fun.

She didn't catch many butterflies.

Sofi came in to see what
was all the camotion.

I love to dance.

Even when it is just me.

I like to move.

Sofi and I took Mom and
Grandma skiing.

It is a little scary at first.

But you pick it up fast.

And before long,
you're flying.

You meet people on the conveyor.

And get lessons on form.

This is so much fun.

I could do it every Friday.

Easter - Time for a
family picture.

After church we always
go to Grandma's.

This is Aunt Christine's
nephew Kaidon.

Her nephew Kyle is
tough egg competition.

But I can edge out Kaidon.

My GGB is 90 years old.

We went to Peru for
her birthday.

Cousin Lilly, Sofi, and I
had a fun time.

Mom was gone after Sofi's
nap, so I cuddled her.

GGB's party was fun.

And I am sad to leave Peru.

But Sofi's party is next.

With my friends
back in Maryland.

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