Isobel Amada Sanchez

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June, 2009

My dance recital is just
minutes away.

I am ready to go.

I've got every movement
down pat.

Are you all ready?

We have a moment to relax
before the trip to Texas.

Aye matey.
We will waylay those
relatives at the reunion and
hold them for ransom.

The Padre Island beach
looks good.

So here goes.

The sand is perfect.

And the water is warm.

Mom and I are going to build
a twelve tower castle.

Aunt Susie bought us some
cell phones from the street

But now the Peru circus
parade is coming..

We always have a big crowd
of friends at the parade.

The circus is a lot of fun.

Lilly and I got to
talk to the clowns.

After a day or two at home we'll head for Ocean City.

This is my favorite beach.

I play really hard.

Sometimes it feels like
I am flying.

The wave and I are
constantly battling.

Come on wave,
try and get me!.

Be careful Sofi.
The waves are sneaky.

Like this one.

If you are going to be
around water, you have to
learn to swim.

I like using the flippers.

I am not crazy about the
long distance
swimming, though.

Just kick real hard and hold
your breath. You'll get it.

A couple of more feet and
I am there.

Another successful swim

I don't see the cows over
there Sofi.

Oh, over there!

I am glad Grandma brought
us to this farm.

I think I just scared Sofi out
of the corn field..

I am now an old hand at
driving my Barbie Jeep.

I even have a
color-coordinated outfit.

Buzz Lightyear is getting
ready for Halloween

The whole Seabird gang
is going out.

Sofi is going as a poodle.

You just say,"Trick or Treat",
and they give you candy

It is going to be a
good night.

Let's run to the
next house.

What did you get there

My pumpkin is getting

Just a few more houses,
okay Mom?

Oh no! Its staring to rain.

Thanks Papi.

Now we can keep
Trick or Treating.

Its not raining hard now.

I think this is the
last house.

I am too tired to
go to any more.

Every Birthday party should
have a moon bounce.

Anna is airborne.

Sofi does really good for
1-1/2 years old.

My birthday
was yesterday.

Is everybody ready
for cake?

It has both white
and chocolate.

A 4-year-old can
do it in one blow.

The icing on the candles
is the best part..

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