Isobel Amada Sanchez

February 11, 2009

Sometimes you feel like
a couch potato.

Sometimes you don't.

It's fun to play at the park.

Do you want to play with me?

Maybe she wants to play.

Making friends is easy.

Just ask.

That Easter bunny is
not too clever.

Quite a few to go.

I know he put one here
last year.

We got them all!

Oh, look, there I am!

Try the slide guys!

I power slide using
the bar now.

It gives me super speed.

Like this look?

Now this would be a perfect
outfit if Mom would let me
wear my orange Crocs.

This is my flower girl gown
for Uncle Ryan's and
Aunt Christine's wedding.

Mom and I looked GREAT!

The basket broke, but I did
a fantastic recovery and
got every petal out.

I could hardy wait for the
pictures to end.

So I could party with my
new friend Kyle.

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