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September 17, 2008

It's been a long time since summer.

We had a neighborhood
party this fall.

And I got a new car.
Fasten your seat belt.

The radio didn't work..

So I had to pull it.
Grandpa says
I have "the Knack".

The party ran until it got dark.

Then we roasted marshmellows.

For Halloween I was Lenny.
You know, the Wonder Pet.

I went with Timmy, Anna,
and Maggie.

Trick-or-Treat was good in
Gramdma's neighborhood.

GGMB could have gone as
a frog, but she wasn't here.

You knew November was
my birthday?.

I had a big party at

And a small one at

With all the partying it is hard
to find a little private time.

Just sitting and watching
Diego on TV is fun.

I like Diego, but I'm not
sure about Sofie

I've started dancing again.

It is so much fun.

And great exercise.

Art is in my blood.

Would you like to dance with me?

We had Christmas early
this year in Maryland.

Everyone wore antlers.

Isn't that silly.

Grandma loved it!

I got a pile of presents.

Elefun is a great game
that everyone likes.

Good thing I took some toys for the trip to Peru .

We had the real Christmas
in Peru

I got a moonbounce!

Sofie got a ball game.

We all had loads of
fun with puppets.

And I got my favorite
Diego Spotting Scope.

But my real favorite was
a rock guitar!

It even has a
Wah-Wah Bar!

Got to go now.
Just this last picture of my best friend cousin Lilly.
We had so much fun after Christmas.

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: February 7, 2009