Isobel Amada Sanchez

I was so excited I left my camera in the waiting room, so there are no pictures of my first views.

Isa is already 15-1/2 hours old in these pictures.

The now-parentally-approved nickname is Isa, pronounced, "eesa", with a long "e".

Critical stats are 9 pounds, 9 ounces; 22 inches long; born 4:53.


Click on them for a larger view, but the download time is much longer.


Star of the Show

Mom is one tough cookie.

Takes a beating and

keeps on smiling

Amada means

"The loved one"


These pictures are from Victor's camera. They start earlier and have a longer period.


10 minutes old.

The first picture

33 hours later

Victor is already in love


36 hours and she has

ditched that hat

4 days and Isa is

going home with



Room to spread out


Isobel's first Crab Feast -November 20, 2005.

Grandma Sanchez is up from Florida, and Great Grandma Blinn is visiting from Indiana.


Grandma Thompson

and Grandma Sanchez

get crabs.

Great Grandma Blinn

gets crabs too.


But I'm not jealous

Great Grandma,

because I like milk better.


A Grandfather's Baby Shower?

Friends at work had a surprise baby shower.

Can't take pictures at work, but here are the cake and some gifts.


A beautiful cake

Looking good in a new outfit

And in another new outfit


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