Isobel Amada Sanchez

August 2007 - A week at the beach

Hey Mom!
Its the paparrazzi again.

Okay you guys!
I give up!
If you are going to photograph me anyway, let's do it right.

I am at the beach with Mom,
Grandma, and the Garcias

Watch it Christian.

The beach is a lot of fun.

They have sand, but it is yucky!

You have to wear magic slippers.

Okay Mom.
Let's take them over there.

This is the beach.

It IS interesting.

I'm not sure it is safe
to go into the water though.

Well, it is fun Grandma.

Maybe that sand
isn't too yucky.

With the right tools,
I could build a...

Actually, it is kind
of fun to play in.

Heavy construction work
makes me tired,

A little free time to read.

What a great time we had!

Calm down Mom!.
It was just a trip to the beach.

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: September 22, 2007