Isobel Amada Sanchez

April 2007

You left out my best picture taken before Easter!

Great-Grandma Thompson Feeding Me Ice Cream

May 2007

Memorial Day

Abuela is up for a crab feast.

Yucky crabs!

And a pool party.

June 2007

At Isa's house

Oh, look!

A swimming pool

in the basement

where Gampa is building a new bathroom.

The paparrazzi are here.

Can't you wait until I get my "face on."

Do you like my new shoes?

They are light as air.




on the cob!

It is

so much

fun to



It looks like

I missed a spot

on the last one.

I am trying on Mom's lingerie.

I like this dark one.

Yipes! What happened?

I think I'm stuck.

July 2007

In Indiana

Nice to see the
Great Grandmas.

Have you been to the circus?

I love a parade.

Looks like everybody does.

Peru Indiana has the
best amatuer circus.

Everybody likes the circus.

Grandma told me what
they were going to do.

Mom and I are
really having fun.

We could do that.

I could do that.

I know I could do that.

Sure, you could do it.

Look! The clowns
want a volunteer.

Yes, I can dance.

Okay Lamby. Lets do it.

Uncle Ryan says clowns
eat people.
You don't really do you?.

At the Eltzroth-Thompson Family Reunion

Get! Down!

Boggie. Boggie. Boggie.

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: September 4, 2007