Isobel Amada Sanchez

February 2007

Jersey and I have grown up.

We like to play tug rope.

Jersey can't read to me,

But she likes to wrestle.

She is a tough kitty,

And doesn't shy away.

April 2007

High folks!
It's Easter

We look for plastic eggs?

Where do we look?

out in the front yard.

They are full of M + M s ?

Look out!
That one's mine!

Boy, This one
was well hidden.

I'I think I see another
one Mom!

One more. My
basket is almost full.

Papi! There are even
eggs in the back yard!

I have to e-mail my
friends about Easter

Easter egg hunting
is exhausting.


Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: May 3, 2007