Isobel Amada Sanchez

December 2006

Let's start with Christmas pics, Grandpa?

Remember my
Christmas outfit?

And my new tyke bike?

Mom thinks the puzzles
help development.
I think they're fun.

January 2007

Hey, This is the Building Museum!
I picked up an environmental design guide booklet there.

February 2007

My first sled ride.
Grandma this is so cool.
Cool. Is that what you say?

My first sled solo

I'm in control.
I'm in control.

Lets do it again!

Harington Manor is
such a fun park.

They have swings.

Grandma always has
her diet Coke

Would you believe it?
They also have a slide.

I've got it now Grandma.
Head tucked forward,
hands gripping firmly.

Lets go!


Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: April 2, 2007