Hunter Fans Internal Wiring And Data

Hunter 23852 Internal Wiring Diagram

Hunter 23852 Internal Wiring Diagram

Hunter History

1949 Hunter Fan with bought by Robbins Myers.

1980 fans were assembled in USA. Some parts were made in Taiwan.

1984 Robin Myers sold hundred fan group of internal managers.

1986 Hunter bought melnor.

1988 Hunter bought by Leach McMicking, an investment company.

1993 to 1998 Hunter Original was made in Taiwan.

2001 All production to Taiwan.

2002 all fans we're designed and produced in Taiwan. Letter A  in model number designates made Taiwan. 

Hunter Production Notes

The Original 22046 from late 60s to 1972 had a trumpet canopy, all cast iron with smooth castings, was a 3-speed fan with a speed coil.  It had a 1.9 amp motor, the vent holes we're all big holes, the canopy was cast iron and had what looks like a ball shape on the bottom.

From 1972 to 1975 when the 22206 fan was made, the plastic switch housing changed to a two part  housing with a brass top piece and a cast iron balloon-shaped bottom piece. The fans had an Adapt Air blade mechanical reversal mechanism. A wing knob on the side of the blade holder reversed all blades at the same time.

From 1975 to 1984 Hunter fans became more residential oriented.  A new 2.5 amp motor was used which had faster starting. The switch housing was plastic, but then change to pot metal. A stamped bottom plate replaced the cast plate. A blade isolation ring was added to reduce sound. The Adapt Air reversible blades were changed to one-at-a-time blade reversal.

In 1984, the 42-inch fan had the stator coils inside the rotor, so there's lots of space between the rotor and the wall of the casting. It was designed and made in Taiwan.

In 1985 the motor was changed to a PSC design, 2.0 amp motor

My Fans

My fans are a 1980 split-phase 22272-004, a 1993 and a 1998 PSC 23852, and one 1984 23908 split-phase.

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