Small Electronic Projects


The few projects on this page don't have much documentation, largely due to the fact that I didn't have a website at the time the projects were done.

Electric door locks for Fiero

This is a scheme to add Electric door locks to a Fiero that didn't come with them. The lock hardware came from a junked car, but the switching logic was fabricated. A microswitch is linked to the bar connecting the inside lock slide to the outside key lock. When the door is unlocked or locked using the key , or the inside lock slide, both doors are unlocked or locked.

Fiero door lock schematic
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Macrovision decoder

To play Macrovision - protected DVDs in a player that is coupled through a VCR connected to a TV that does not have a video input, the protection must be removed before the VCR will pass the video to its RF modulator.

Macrovision decoder schematic diagram
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