Sofia Felice Sanchez

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October 2010

Its Florida folks.

Know what's in Florida?

Every kid knows.


Excuse me miss.

Where'd my family go?

I'm so excited.

What do I try next?.

How about a face paint?

I am holding still.

I love it.

What do you think?

Yours looks great Isa.

This is a good start.

I'm not tired Papi

He has really big teeth.

But he is just a softy.

Let's do some posing.

More smile Sofi.

That's it.

But my hair is a mess.

Mickey doesn't care.

Yes, I'm ready.

Yes, I know.

Hold very still.

I did this yesterday.

But this is different.

Today I'll be....

... a beautiful pirate.

That looks good.

Very good!

I am ready to go.

We need swords Sofi.

Oh yes, we will be careful.

Isa is such a good pirate..

I am the coy pirate.

But don't dismiss me!

I can slice and dice.

On to the princesses Papi.

I am a princess too

I really am.

Just ask Grandpa.

Oh boy! Adventure.

Run this way.

Aak! A waterfall.

I'm soaked..

A strange creature.

Well, time to go.

It's been a fun time Mom.

Isa and I loved it.

I must not touch the plants.

But they look so inviting.

Just one little touch, OK?

I just love to touch.

Maybe one more touch.

This so much fun.

It can't be educational.

Its all educational?


I think it's true.

Blondes have more fun.

I don't think so.

I think kids in leaves....

...have more fun.

Papi's friend Jim came to visit.

We went to a farm.

And played in a maze.

Cool birds?.

I went to Isa's birthday
party with Anna.

It was a good party.

This is our new play set.

Mom and Dad worked hard

to build it.

Jersey, get back here.

Get her Isa..

I'll get her.

Let's put this ship to a test.

Royal Navy off port bow.

Anyone up for a hike?

To really enjoy...

...a Christmas tree... need to be under it.

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