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I am afraid there are a lot of
pictures this time

Grandpa has been busy playing with me, and let the update slip

So don't you dis my Grandpa, or you will have to deal with me!

July 2010

Are you ready to go?

Let's start with my new...

...waterslide slide at home.

We are going to Longwood Gardens.

Are there things for
kids to do?.

Getting in a fountain is fun.

A water fog
covered wall...

...and paint brushes
are hard to beat.

How do I play this game?.

This room is such a maze.

I feel like a rat.

The circus at Peru...

...had this worm ride...

...that Isa and I loved.

We had so much fun.

But only got to go
three times.

By August Isa...

...had mastered driving.

Except for watching where
she was going!

We had to flee the
crash scene.

Mom and Papa took Isa and me to .......

It is a fun place..

What do we do here?.

I don't know.

Lets play the
Momma game.

Who will be Momma?

I think it is my turn.

Don't cry baby.

Everything will be better.

Isa, Make a funny face.

Not bad..

Here comes some beach
pictures from August.

We have lots of
beach pictures.

Every time is a
new adventure

They look the
same to you.

But not to me.

I love the beach.

Grandma loves the beach.

Mom loves the beach.

Right Mom?

Do you love the beach

Grandpa loves building castles

And being with Isa and me.

Good job Grandpa.

What will we do
tonight Mom?

The boardwalk!.

This is the best.

I could go on all night.

How does Isa keep going?

Got it. No running. No splashing.

Help! I'm stuck in
the whirlpool.

Saved by Papi.

Board this pirate ship.

And take command

Save me from the shark!

Isa! Save me!

Save me from the shark!

I think we scared it.

Okay. Back to action.

If Isa can do it, so can I.

Here I go.

The first step is the hardest.

That is a lot of stairs.

One step at a time.

And down the slide.

Wow, I've got to do that again!.

What a great whale ride

A little help here Grandpa.

I think it is broken

Oh, you think it is okay?

Fooled you Grandpa!

Whose party is this?

No, I t is not mine.

Maybe it is hers..

Why wait until 16?

I am ready now.

Careful left turns.

And parallel parking.

We are good drivers.
Will you sign our petition

To lower the driving age?

We had a visitor from Japan.

My freind Tomoki.

He loves the ocean too.

And we had fun.

It was like...

...having a...


Have you ever been kayaking?

First, you need a galley slave

Who will do the paddling.

Then just kick back.

I've got to get ready

for Grandma's
retirement party.

Isa and I like to play
hall ball.

Sometimes we get

Up close to the camels

on safari at Cacactin Zoo.

Aak! He's back!

Wow. His breath is scarry.

Our voyage will continue
to FLA in October.

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