Sofia Felice Sanchez

June 4, 2009

Remember the "Who's on top" picture?

Well look "Who's on top" now!

I should join this dance class.

There is just so much you can get done in a day

I think I feel a draft.

Thanks Grandma.
These ars steep stairs.

Your say this is Texas?
Looks just like Ocean City

A family reunion? That is why there are so many people?

Debbie is Granpa's sister like Isa...

Another tiger! I like Peru's circus parade.

It is nice to be back in Baltimore.

This is Occean city?

It looks like Texas!

But this water is cold!

I love the beach.

The water tickles my toes

And the sand sticks to me.

I sit when I am tired.

Or Grandma holds me,

Until I zonk out.

It is a pretty bird Grandpa,
but why is in the aquarium?

I like birds, but I want
to see more fish.

I can't say "Trick or Treat"!

I think I blew my lines Papi.

Isa, how long can we do this?

People just give you candy!

Halloween is so great!

Its been a good summer.

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: November 14, 2009