Sofia Felice Sanchez

January 9, 2009

Can't you get a bigger bathtub?

Enough already!

I am such a helper

If I touch it I'll get in trouble.

Wow Grandma!
This is fabulous!

Don't you just love this little crawler?

Let's go Mom.

What is that?

You say the clip will let me
crawl in this dress?

The clip doesn't work.
I still can't crawl..

Easter eggs?
Hidden by a rabbit?.

There's one!

Yoo Hoo.
I am stuck.

How about a little help here?

Okay, I'll do it myself.

What are we doing here Grandpa?


Pizza hits the spot after
a hard day.

Now I am ready to go again.

Isa and I are going to
have a racel.

We are in a dead heat

But I have Grandpa power!

Oh boy!
It's a party

The cake is on fire.

Birthday girls can eat with
their fingers.

I am finally 1 year old.

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