Sofia Felice Sanchez

September 12, 2008

Relax and grab your toes.
I've got a bunch of pictures to show.

I love my Big Sister!

She holds me so I can
watch Dora on TV.

This cow is not my sister.

I've been swimming in
Grandma's pool.

Grandpa carries me a lot.

But, Grandma knows,
I want to walk!

Big Sister does a
mean Birthday dance.

I'll be dancing soon.

This pool is too small,
even for me.

This one in Peru is big
enough for two

Have you heard of

Isa helped me open

Where is your present

There are tasty toys inside.

And neat things that move.

Is that a real horse Papi?

Mom! I need to open
more presents!

I have to make the
fire next year?

Grandma and I are exhausted. Catch you later.

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: February 3, 2009