Sofia Felice Sanchez

May 23, 2008

I am almost 4 months old now.
I've been sleeping a lot, but now I am bigger.

I slept when Buella was here.
(Any family resemblance?)

And a lot after that.

When Grandma holds me
I am so comfortable

But when GGMB was here,
I was wide awake

I have more fun awake.

I met a friend at playgroup.

Have a lot of people making funny noises.

And got good advice from my big sister

There are lots of flashes.

And a lot after that.

Why do people smile when I wear this shirt?

My hands are always going.

Sometimes they catch each other.

My friend Jersey likes to play with me.

It is more fun to be awake when Buella is here.

And I get to go to the beach

Copyright Dale Thompson.
Last revised: September 12, 2008